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Filming set to start on new movie bringing romance to west Alabama

Linden, Ala., December 10, 2020​ - Filming for the OnPoint Channel and Network’s first feature film is scheduled for Dec. 11-12 in Linden and Demopolis, Ala. along with other locations in west Alabama. “Just Love Me” follows the romance between a music manager and artist. They both have been hurt in previous relationships and vow to never fall in love again. But their feelings start to change as they begin to let their guards down. “Acting is something I’ve wanted to do for many years, but I never thought I would have the opportunity,” said E Tamarian Richardson, lead actress. “God is awesome and places you where He wants you to be when He wants you to be there.” The majority of the filming will take place inside the OnPoint studio in Linden. The crew has been working tirelessly to create the different sets that will be utilized during the film. Justin Andrews plays the lead role and is eager to advance his career by appearing in this film. “To step outside of College Park, Ga. and travel to Alabama to shoot ‘Just Love Me’ is an exciting and elevating moment in my life and in my development as an artist.”

Economic Impact “Just Love Me” will bring in visitors from several parts of the country including Georgia, Kentucky, Virginia, California and Louisiana. Movie producers, actors, and crew members will work in the area, impacting the local economy. The film will also feature products from companies such as Shoe Crazy and Atlantucky Brewing. Hip-hop group Nappy Roots will also participate in product placements. Release Date The film is set to be released in Spring 2021 and will be streamed On-Demand on the OnPoint Network. COVID-19 has affected the ability to hold a movie premiere, but plans are subject to change depending on the status of the pandemic. The network is also in talks with several theaters to show the film.

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