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One Last Try

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Realizing that a fairytale ending to each of their marriages was not going to happen, Bishop Marcus D. Hill and Minister Delendra TarsaVena Peterson were each forced to start new chapters of their lives. Although they did not know each other at the time, the two of them were asking themselves the same question, "How can I revive my marriage?" Unfortunately, they both understood that their marriages could not be saved. It was simply too late for both marriages. Not only were there conflicts with their partners, but there were also issues they needed to address within themselves. One Last Try was birthed from intense self-examination and from the lingering question of "What did I do wrong?" Couples who are experiencing problems or on the brink of divorce are encouraged to try this 30-day comprehensive devotional which is focused on prayer, examination of biblical scripture and a daily activity.​

Executive Producer: Delendra Peterson
Producer: Marcus Hill
Videographer:  The OP Studios
Editor: HUM Music Agency

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One Last Try
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Our Life TV Show S2 E21
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One Last Try S1 E11
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One Last Try S1 E10
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One Last Try S1 E9
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