The Princess of Praise Talk Show

Minister Calandra Gantt has been called and anointed since the age of 3 years old to minister to the nations through music. She constantly fulfills her calling by taking the gospel arena by storm. Calandra is a saved and anointed woman of God, known for her energetic live performances and her unique style of making every song her own. It is for this reason she has been deemed as "The Princess of Praise" by her peers. Calandra is a firm believer that true praise and worship begins in the heart of a Christian and is only capable by having a personal relationship with Christ. It is through her personal walk with Christ that has developed her in to the songwriter she is today. Not only is she a singer and songwriter but she is a musical directress, teacher, minister, instrumentalist, community servant, actress, arranger, producer, radio host, mentor and award-winning gospel artist. Through her music ministry her desire is to reach the masses and encourage them to have a personal relationship with Christ

Hosted by Calandra Gantt

Produced by: Calandra Gantt
Videographer:  Kristle Shanell
Editor: HUM Music
Company: Kristle Shanell Studios

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