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The Plus Size Divas

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The Plus Size Divas (Deanna and Carmen Rene) is a body acceptance and self love talk show that debuted on on June 5th, 2018. Deanna and Carmen are two plus size divas having fun, entertaining & curvy conversation while promoting body acceptance & inspiration. The show is called ‘The Plus Size Divas’ but it’s for EveryBODY! Remember: The scale says, “Masterpiece!”

Hosted by Deanna Colon and Carmen Smith

Produced by: Deanna Colon and Carmen Smith
Company: The Plus Size Divas

Click on each icon to watch your favorite episode below.

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Season 1 Episode 1 ​

Goo Goo Atkins, Special Guest

Season 1 Episode  2

Julie Johnson, Special Guest

Season 1 Episode 3 ​

CEO of Wealthy Minds Inc. & Inspirational Speaker, Billionaire P.A., Special Guest

Season 1 Episode  4

Mega Mom, Entrepreneur of April Wines and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Alum Apryl Jones., Special Guest

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psd ep 7 209.jpg

Season 1 Episode  5

Life Coach Randi Lee

Season 1 Episode  6

Shoshana Bean, Broadway Babe

Season 1 Episode  7

Alexa Phelece

psd s1 e8 209.jpg

Season 1 Episode  8

Plus Size Model & Blogger Alex LaRosa

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psd 209.jpg
psd 209.jpg

Season 1 Episode  9

Super Mom & Founder of Inclusion Clubhouse, Linda Hall

Season 1 Episode  10

Owner of Big Bottom Behavior, Havala Hidalgo

Season 1 Episode  11

Singer/Songwriter Mario Jose

Season 1 Episode  12

Plus Size Male Model & Body Positive Activist, Toy Solomon


Season 1 Episode  13

Emmanuel Kelly

psd e15 209.jpg

Season 1 Episode  14

Triple Threat

Season 1 Episode  15

Bridgett Kelly

psd e16 209.jpg

Season 1 Episode  16

Self Love Transformation Coach and Fitness Trainer, Sierra Nielse

psd ep17 209.jpg

Season 1 Finale

Fashion Designer and Co-Owner of The Plus Bus, Jen Wilder 

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