Next Generation Movement for Peace and Nonviolence (NGMFPN)

The Next Generation Movement for Peace and Nonviolence was founded by Bishop Seth O. Lartey. The goal of this movement is to create a new generation who will embrace peace and work together to tend violence in schools, churches, mosques, synagogues and communities so as to usher in a climate of non-violence as it effects children, and youth around the world.  This movement shall seek to change the world and make it safe for children and youth. This will be accomplished by working to get laws passed and enforced, advance social, political and economic justice for children and youth and changing the culture as well as the attention that people have for children around the world.
For more information about this organization, go to or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @ngmfpn.

Executive Producer: Delendra Peterson

Producer: Delendra Peterson
Videographer: Delendra Peterson and Bryce Chaney
Editor: HUM Music Agency

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