Movies/Short Films

Pick from a variety of movies to watch. We have all genres.

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4 minutes 210x270.jpg
anybodies games 210x270.jpg
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I used 210x300.jpg
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no redemption 210x270.jpg

Police Drama / Murder Mystery

Directed, Written, Produced, Edited By & Starring Ty Durden,

Careful 210x300.jpg
psycho sisters 210x300.jpg
my best friend. 210x300.jpg

When four strangers meet for one bloody outcome

Short film by Seneca Robinson

She and I 210x300.jpg
Unk 210x270.jpg
Temporary Love 210x300.jpg
Jacks Shed 210x300.jpg

It is GOOD vs Evil. 


Starring... Lance Gardner, Hope Simmons, Yvonne Marie, Keeland Joubert, Mentell Ruben, Chase Walker and Samantha Trahan