Kirk Sisters: What Women Want

Young, beautiful, intelligent and sporadic... These are some of the qualities that describe these BOSS ladies, The Kirk Sisters. Take a journey through the beautiful minds of confusing but amazing women. Four totally different women showing us a sneak peak of their lives. While coming together and telling exactly what women want. These lovely ladies are going to tell it all.

You can experience all walks of life from watching Kirk Sisters: What Women Want

Produced by: Teresa Kirk
Videographer: Delendra Peterson
Editor: HUM Music Agency
Executive Producer: Delendra Peterson

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kirk sisters S1 introduction 209.jpg
Get to Know Us
kirk sisters S1 E1 209.jpg
Episode 1
What Women Desire in Men
kirk sisters S1 E2 209.jpg
Episode 2
What Pisses Us Off About Men
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Episode 3
Let's Talk About Sex
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kirk sisters e5 209.jpg
Episode 4
When a Woman is Fed up, What will She Do and Does She Mean It
Episode 5
Why Women Like Bad Guys and Not Good Guys
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Episode 6
Monogamy vs polygamy
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Episode 7
Threesomes: Who Should Pick Them
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Kirk Sisters ep9 209.jpg
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Episode 8
Sexual Assault & Sexual Assault in Marriage and Relationships
Episode 9
What to do When Your Mate is in Love but You're Not
Episode 10
Season 1 Finale
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kirk s2 e4 209.jpg
Season 2 Episode 1
What Men Think about Women's Appearances
Season 2 Episode 2
What's the Difference Between Wanting a Man & Needed a Man
Season 2 Episode 3
Why Women Put Other Women Down
Season 2 Episode 4
How Do Women Find Time to Take Care of Themselves Mentally, Spiritually and Physically?
Season 2 Episode 5
How to Raise my Teenage Daughter