FAITHTALK hosted by Darren & Lady C.Prince. Where we focus on Faith, Family & Finances. Three important components in building a solid relationship and healthy marriage.
Maintaining the foundation on the Word of God and extracting principles that empower the family to prosper. While living out a fruitful and abundant life in Christ. "Not just talk but a walking it out lifestyle".

Produced by: Darren and Chant'e Prince
Videographer: TripleJ Media

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Season 1 Episode 1 ​​

The Power of Two in Agreement

Season 1 Episode 2

The God Order: The Family

Season 1 Episode 3 ​​

Marriage in His Image

Season 1 Episode 4 ​​

The Blessed Ones

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Season 1 Episode 5 ​​

The Wealth of the Word