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Fairytales Come True

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Little girls dream of meeting their prince charming. They watch movies, play dress up and daydream of the day they meet him. When the day comes, it is magical. We want every little girl and every women to know that love is available and real. These women's fairytales came true. Watch their magical moments in time.​

Sizzle Reel song performed and written by Hog Pin (Delendra Peterson and Cedric Haywood), music by Micah Brown and produced by Mel Waiters. 


Executive Producer:  Delendra Peterson
Producer: Edna T. Richardson
Videographer:  Joshua Bane and more
Editor: HUM Music Agency

Click on each video to watch your favorite episode below.

Fairytales Come True
Fairytales Come True S1 E1
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Fairytales Come True Sizzle Reel
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