Connected Women Win

Tasha M. Scott is a Professional Speaker, Leadership Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, and Certified Life Coach. She is the Author of two books: Don't Limit Me and Maximize Your Existence; and she is a member of the John Maxwell Team and a Book Yourself Solid™ certified coach. 
Tasha M. Scott is the owner of Maximized Growth, LLC. Yet it is through her speaking, coaching, and writing, that she helps others transform their lives and businesses and find the clarity they need to live a more prosperous and purpose-driven life.
Tasha empowers professionals and entrepreneurs to unleash their God-given purposes and identities through her no holds barred approach to delivering life-changing messages when speaking, training, coaching, or at her live events. She shares the lessons she's learned in business and life with humility, transparency, vulnerability, and conviction. Tasha is also a wife, mom, and the founder of the Connected Women Win Community. All her endeavors facilitate individuals and organizations to fully reach their potential by maximizing their growth opportunities.​

Executive Producer: Tasha M. Scott

Producer: Delendra Peterson
Editor: HUM Music Agency

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Season 1 Episode 1 ​

Focus: Purpose

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Season 2 Episode 1 ​

Guest: Tonya Williams

Season 2 Episode 2

Guest: Dr. Yulanda Tyre

Season 2 Episode 3

Guest: Melissa Nixon

Season 2 Episode 4

Focus: Maximize Your Existence

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Season 2 Episode 6

Guest: LaToya Pollard King

Season 2 Episode 7

Guest: Kim Vaughn

Season 2 Episode 8

Guest: Nadine Mullings

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Season 1 Episode 2

Focus: After Purpose is Revealed

Season 1 Episode 3

Focus: How to Stop Your Past from Holding You Hostage?

Season 1 Episode 4

Focus: The Gift of Goodbye

Season 2 Episode 5​

Guest: Marquis Forge

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Season 2 Episode 9

Guest: Sandra Lovelace

Season 2 Episode 10

Guest: Tara Pickens

Season 2 Episode 11

Guest: Toni Purry

Season 2 Episode 12

Guest: Jasmine York-Ball

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cww s2 ep 15 209.jpg

Season 2 Episode 13

Guest: Cheryl Riley

Season 2 Episode 14

Guest: Kemisha Ebron

Season 2 Episode 15

Season 2 Episode 16

Guest: Nicole Simmons

Season 2 Episode 17

Season 2 Episode 18

Guest: Kym Klass

Season 2 Episode 19

Guest: Casie Scott

cww s3 e1 209.jpg

Season 3 Episode 1