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Sister Cantaloupe

Trina Jeffrie is known as the Queen of Gospel Comedy she is a native of, Dallas TX.   She now lives in Dallas and Los Angeles with extended family of fans that crosses the United States of America. She is the Pioneer of Christian and Gospel comedy.  Trina Jeffrie started this form of comedy back in 1986.  In 2016 Trina Jeffrie has received Lifetime Achievement Award from President Barack Obama.  Trina Jeffrie also has a comedy Award name after her called the Sister Cantaloupe award, it is given out every year to up and coming Clean, Christian or Gospel comedian who is making head way in this arena. In October 2016 Trina Jeffrie received the Legacy Award from Church Stars for blazing the trail and being a pioneer. Trina’s name is placed in the gospel Encyclopedia and on Wikipedia. Trina Jeffrie, Traveling full time as a character comic she is booked sold in the Christian/Gospel arenas, she has become somewhat of a household name as the character Sister Cantaloupe.  By the third grade she was well on her way to becoming a great entertainer when she won her first oratorical contest.  Trina has made a vow that God would be her first love and acting her second. 
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Chris Clark

Chris Clark is one of the best faces of Gospel Comedy, of this era. A true Renaissance man, in addition to being a husband and father of three, Chris shines as a talented actor,singer/songwriter, playwright, model, motivational speaker, as well as a stand-up comedian. Born and raised in Bridgeton, NJ, Chris has charmed audiences all over the country from California to New York, and everywhere in between, and now he has become a internationally known comedian.

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